Sunday, November 9, 2008

Will you be Jesus to her?

Do you have a passion to pray for the salvation of your birthmom?
Are your kids praying for their birthmom to know Jesus?
Can your birth family see Jesus in the way you respond to them?
As the adoption process began you prayed for the right birthmom that would place a baby in your arms.
You prayed fervently after the baby was born that the birthmom would follow through with the adoption plan.
After placement, you prayed that there would be no legal conflicts and you prayed for finalization.
Then you considered it done.
But truly, your role of being Jesus to your child's birthmom was just beginning.
Have you considered the fact that God brought you to adoption not just for you or the baby, but so that you could be a witness and encouragement to your birthmom?
We have only a window of time to lead these women to Christ, but you have a lifetime.
We constantly look for opportunities to share Christ while we work with a birthmom, but many times we have seen adoptive families destroy that testimony by treating a birthmom like an enemy.
Your child's birthmom is not your enemy. She does not wish to be a threat to you. She does not desire to cause you pain. She is a woman who, for many different reasons, found herself in an unplanned pregnancy and chose, not only give her child LIFE, but chose to give her child a BETTER LIFE by making an adoption plan with you.
When a birthmom seeks information about New Life, we quickly tell her that we only place babies with Christian families. Regardless of her religious beliefs, this brings her comfort. She believes that this will give her child security. She believes that the adoptive family will more easily love her for who she is.
Your challenge is to seek the Lord and follow Him as He leads you to be "Jesus" to this very important person in your life.
What does it look like to "be Jesus" in your relationship with your birthmom?
It means that there is no fear. It means that you quickly consider her feelings before your own. It means that you pray for her, love her and share a bit of your lives with her for the purpose of her eternity.